Life With Braces

Life With Braces

Now that you have your braces, it is important that you know what to expect and how to properly take care of them.


Why? Because food will get caught around the braces and if it is not completely cleaned off, you can get cavities as well as white scars on your teeth and around the braces. These scars, also known as White Spot Lesions, are permanent. In fact, if you want to remove them, it will require you to see your dentist to help minimize or eliminate their appearance.

What do white spots they look like?


What is the correct was to brush and floss with braces?


Eating with Braces

Braces will improve your smile and bite but wearing these appliances does require you to make some changes in what you eat and how you eat some of your favorite foods. Although this may be bothersome at times, it is very important to take good care of your braces because damaged appliances can increase the time of your treatment.

Foods to Avoid with Braces


Soreness from Braces

When you first get your braces, you may notice that your teeth and gums are a little sore. This is because your teeth are not used to being moved.  We promise that this soreness will not last forever, but if the pain is severe, you can try an over-the-counter pain reliever until your mouth gets used to your braces.  In addition, it is not uncommon for the braces to irritate your lips and cheeks for the first couple of weeks.  Placing a small amount of wax on the irritating braces is the best way to lessen this discomfort. Please let us know if you need more wax at any time.

Loose Teeth

If you notice that some of your teeth feel a little loose, it’s normal! In fact, it is necessary for Dr. Van Gemert to straighten your teeth. Your teeth will stop being loose once your braces have been removed.

Playing Sports with Braces

There is no need to stop playing sports while undergoing orthodontic treatment, however it is recommended that you always wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth and braces. If you need help deciding on the right type of mouthguard for you, let Dr. Van Gemert know so that she can help. If you ever experience a sports injury to your head or face, check for loose teeth and appliance breakages immediately and contact our office if there is anything that needs to be fixed.

Playing Wind Instruments with Braces

Playing wind instruments with braces is not impossible but it may take a little getting used to, especially for those who play brass instruments like the trumpet, French horn, trombone and tuba. The most important rule to follow is to not have your braces put on or taken off right before a major concert or performance!